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Rotting 2022 - Trailer



The largest humanitarian crisis is reported mostly by Al Jazeera - unfortunately not without the interests of the Qatari emir

Congratulations on Labor Day.

Tomo and Bojan


They are being tortured now. Now they are being crucified. Now they are being killed...

It does not appear that only the Jews are the chosen people, especially now if we look at Palestine. Not even that only Jesus is the son of God, especially if we look at Ukraine.

If we look at Sudan, we can see that we are not only sons of God, but also daughters of God, all of us.

Look to Sudan and listen to Alex de Waal in "Democracy now":

According to estimates by UN agencies, ten million people are fleeing war in Sudan. More than twenty-five million need to eat immediately, not on Monday, they need to eat immediately. The UN World Food Program is asking for two and a half billion dollars in donations. And he reports that he has collected only five percent so far. UN Unicef warns that two hundred and forty thousand people will die in the next months until the end of the drought in Sudan, if...

Professor dr. Alex de Wall is considered the foremost expert on Sudan. In 1997, as a young idealist, he managed to convince the BBC that he hired a plane and illegally smuggled it into the besieged and sealed enclave of the Nuba Mountains, where no one and no journalist could go for four years because of the civil war. He brought no weapons but five cameras, which he distributed to the first five local volunteers to begin documenting crimes against humanity for the International Court of Justice in The Hague. He wrote the book "Nuba of Sudan facing genocide" for African Rights, which is still the bible of all who care about the suffering of innocent indigenous people.

Watch my address at the IAPCO World Congress of Professional World Congress Organizers after our last return from Sudan on March 1:

With Bojana and Ivan Cores, we were the last to film the four hundred and eighty thousand internally displaced people who fled to the liberated territory of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA North) since the start of the war between the Sudanese regular army and the Janjaweed paramilitary militia last April. , led by President Abdel Azis al Hilu.

Half a million indigenous families who refuse to surrender to domestic and foreign slave hunters, who do not even have enough millet and water until the first green, burdened almost half a million new hungry and thirsty mouths.

Nubian culture does not allow to refuse anyone who asks for help. Not even women, mothers with children, who mostly flee to them, because the Nuba Mountains are now in the total chaos that reigned in Sudan, the only area in Sudan where it is relatively safe. But the burden is too great. Everyone will be hungry now. And no UN agency can and does not dare to rush to help.

For seven years, we did everything to at least call the UN World Health Organization and made a documentary film "Leprosy 2022" about the endless suffering of lepers in the Nuba Mountains.


Until this moment, when ratchets are being rattled in churches across Slovenia and the European Union and all over the world, we have not yet succeeded... May the testimonies and dire predictions of what may happen in Sudan, which we send you through the links, be a comfort if you overeat today, tomorrow and Monday with potica, ham, horseradish and parfum...

Greetings. Tomo and Bojana


Answer from Abdel Aziza on our letter above:

"Hello Tomo and Bojana,  
- The number of IDPS has increased to 572,202 as of March 8th, 2024 in the SPLM/A N controlled areas of Nuba Mountains, and 50,000 in Blue Nile region.
- Given the fact that we had a failed season and poor harvest this year compounded by the big numbers of returnees, food prices shot up ( one malwa = 3 kgs for $ 3 ). The problem is that food is not available in the markets even if you have money.  The suffering is increasing among the returnees  and the host community as well.  
- We appreciate your concern and the efforts you are doing to attract the attention of the International community to the plight of the people in the two regions and Sudan at large .
Let us hope for the best ."




NEW CALENDAR AND NOTEBOOK 2024: »Humanity and Inhumanity 2024«

Koledar slika Rokovnik slika

Times are critical. The world is being rearranged. A new war broke out in Sudan in April. This time, those who have been killing, exterminating and raping the most innocent natives in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur are killing each other. More than seven million Sudanese have fled their homes. So much so that neighboring countries, except for the Republic of South Sudan and Uganda, no longer accept them. No one is reporting what is happening on the border with Chad, the latest news is that the African Mesalit people in Darfur are facing genocide. But thanks to our volunteers and the communication links we helped establish, we know that it is now safest in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile. Mainly because SPLA North President Abdel Aziz al Hilu is leading the liberation movement there from militant Islamic fanatics and mercenary paramilitary militias (Janjaweed) fighting for control of natural resources and slaves now in Sudan. In January, even before Sudan began to disintegrate into profactors, Abdel Aziz al Hilu, after seven years of waiting because it was previously too dangerous due to the proximity of government forces and the Janjaweed, allowed us to visit the most difficult to access area of Kauniara in the southeast on motorbikes with guides and guards near the Nile. Our new calendar "Humanity and Inhumanity 2024" publishes the photographs of the first European photographers in Kauniain in the years after the end of World War II and compares them with the photographs we took ourselves there half a century after them. George Rodger, Leni Riefenstahl and Antonio Cores were all shocked by the unusual African culture in Kauniaro, and especially by the special rites of worship of love and sexual power of all cosmic nature. What and how dramatically everything has changed and what hasn't changed, Bojana and I will try to show in our new documentary film "Letter to Europe" "The new calendar of the Tom Križnar Foundation "Humanity and Inhumanity 2024" predicts what you will see in the "Letter to Europe" We will return to Kauniaro before Christmas to finish filming. The son of photographer Antonio Cores, Ivan, will be with us this time. Ivan arrived in the mountains with his hippie father and mother in 1977, when he was six years old. They stayed with the extremely hospitable natives for four years and filmed all the time. Ivan was not raised by a Spanish elementary school, but by his Nubian peers. He is now fifty-five years old and will return with us for the first time to where, as he says, he was happiest. What will he tell us when he faces the new reality?

If you want to participate in our campaigns, you can support us by buying our calendar and notebook 2024. By doing so, you will be joining our efforts against the extermination of the most innocent people alive. At the same time, efforts are also being made against spiritual decay at home. Calendar of the Tom Križnar Foundation and the humanitarian organization H.O.P.E. for the year 2024, you can order by sending a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in which we ask you not to forget to indicate your postal address, to which we will send the calendar. In the same way, you can also order Notebook 2024, which can be found together with the calendar in the attached attachments.

The calendar and schedule are suitable for an alternative Christmas or a New Year's gift to your relatives and friends who are tired of traditional gift giving. Please let us know their shipping address and your billing address. In these times of great trial, we try to maintain mutual trust, so we trust that you will pay the bill after receiving the shipment.

Calendar price: 9 EUR + postage

Price of the Notebook: 9 EUR + postage

Delivery: mid-December

Payment to the TRR of the Tomo Križnar Foundation: SI56 0400 1004 8620 172


Please help us spread this message.

Thank you very much for your cooperation fellow passengers.

Happy New Year!

Bojan and Tomo


Did you see our new documentary Film "Rotting 2022" tonight, Sunday, June 11 at 22.00 on The International Film Festival RiFF in Padova, Italy?

Want to support our efforts to help lepers in the Nuba Mountains, forgotten in the midst of Sudan's new and worst war for control of natural resources?
Please donate:
Nova KBM
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For Lepers in Nuba Mountains, Sudan
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Thank you so much
Tomo in Bojana!


COMING SOON: Rotting 2022

Documentary film by Bojana Pivk Križnar & Tomo Križnar

Plakat ENG 1 small

Plakat ENG 2 small

After 10 years of filming in "The Liberated areas" of Sudan and "The Occupied lands of European Union" we are announcing our new Foundation Tomo Križnar documentary film "Rotting 2022"

Presenting documentary film ROTTING 2022 in elementary school (Dr. JANIJA KOKALJA), Nuba mountains, february 2022

Night watching of documentary film ROTTING 2022, Nuba mountains, february 2022

Watch ROTTING 2022 trailer:

And some footages from the world premiere - the first screenings to the victims of "Rotting 2022", lepers in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile in Sudan. And their respected families and indigenious freedom fighters  of SPLA North, who still resist the traditional and modern slave hunters, and fight also for us in the zones of comfort and prestige.


New calendar 2022: »NEITHER WAR - NOR PEACE!«

Koledar 1

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We wish you a happy new year.

Tomo and Bojana Križnar


New calendar 2021: »THIS IS WHY!« 

Koledar 2021 naslovnica3 za tekst

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We wish you a happy new year.

Tomo and Bojana Križnar


New calendar 2020: »Why?« 

koledar 2020 2

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We wish you a happy new year.

Tomo and Bojana Križnar



Tomo is still recording and collecting the data about lepers in Nubba mountains. I am sending you some information.

December-January expedition to Nubba mountain in Sudan was very stressful for me, but it also brought me stronger will to stop the rotting of the people who didn't just offer their hands to us, but everything they had. Prejudice disappeared, we ate together, cried and laughed together.

We discovered leprosy in the end of year 2017. When we were recording the victims of a mass hunger, we saw people with rotten eyes and arms without fingers, legs with no toes. This happened towards the end of our travel, that’s why we went back in December 2018, to get more data about the extent of disease and to document as many examples. With the help of our minister of health we notified the World health organization about the leprosy. Our ministry was willing to give 20.000 euros to help the cause. But the WHO was not convinced by 20.000 euros or by the fact that they should send the medicine in 48 hours’ time, since the disease is contagious. They gave us an answer that they cannot go to Nubba mountain or Blue Nile because it’s a war area and also they didn’t meet with us as promised.

In the end of December 2018 we were put in custody on the border between South Sudan and Sudan in the concentration camp Yida. They took our cameras, Dictaphones and passports, so that we couldn’t get any proof about anything. The reason is greed for money. Bribes are the reason for the last war which took if we look at the last data of UN over 400.00 lives in South Sudan and sent away over six millions of people.

We insisted and after twelve days of arguing and angry looks and with help of our many influent friends in Sudan and South Sudan we got everything back. We also got a direct experience that animals take care of their specie much better than the civilised man. We saw inhuman conditions of refugees and partly an answer, why there is so much trouble with the medications for lepers.

Meetings followed. In front of us there were people with rotten hands, legs, talking about deaf and insensitive limbs. And those who lost fingers, hands, feet. Many times also eyes can rot.  All of them spoke about severe pain in all parts of their body.

One of them had a piece of cloth over his right arm and plastic shoes on feet. When he showed us what the disease made to his body, when je removed the cloth and the shoes, there was no human but the remains of a human. A little was left of his feet. Smell on rotting meat was inviting flies but he couldn’t do much about it. New weapon is found to kill these people. People with only one sin. Being born on rich land. Not fear not death. But slow falling apart and rotting in front of all community.

But nothing stays in your memory more than humanity, kindness of Nubba people. Not even disease can put away their smile and hospitality. Not even an enemy should be hungry. 69 years old Rauda got leprosy forty years ago. She made fire and peeled peanuts to give them to us. We tried to convince her we are not hungry but she didn’t stop. She continued until the she filled the pot although you could notice she is in pain. The dignity, being a human, cannot be taken from them.

The disease can be cured with the therapy of two antibiotics (it takes half year) or with the therapy of three antibiotics (it takes one year), depending on the type of leprosy. Consuming only one dose of medication, the person is not contagious anymore.

But there is no medication in Nubba mountains. Also in South Sudan they have problem with receiving medications. Visiting Juba Teaching Hospital, we’ve been told that since November they didn’t receive no antibiotics, so they can’t treat 150 new lepers. Novartis, that produces the antibiotics, don’t know the reason why they don’t get them.

»Don’t give up! « would probably say Tomo’s father, judging by the title of his book Don’t give up, boy.

New negotiation about getting the medication through German hospital in Nubba mountain will happen in the end of February in Slovenia, in that time, Tomo will return too.

If negotiation will continue and if we don’t give us nothing convincing, we’ll start on our own – looking for sponsors, donators, candidates to join the doctors who already volunteered to share their knowledge with others to give medication and soothe side-effects of the antibiotics to the lepers who are a day or more days away from first hospital in Nubba mountain. Medication can be bought in Uganda and delivered to Nubba mountain and Blue Nile. This way we can make possible what is the right of every one – to be Human.

More information about leprosy treatment in Nuba mountain and Blue Nile on:

And some more photos and shots from the last way you can find on the link:  


                                                                                                                                   Postojna, 5. 2. 2019


Koledar 2019


Looking through the lenses of our cameras, as we filmed the victims

of the new mass starvation in the Nuba mountains in January, we suddenly

saw those empty eyes. Faces without ears. And hands and feet

without fingers and toes.

There, high above the savanna, in front of the mud and straw building

of the coptic church on mount Acheron, people were rotting before

our very eyes! Sick, starving, exhausted fellow humans that nobody

knows about, we were their first and so far only witness.

The responsibility for the disgusting disintegration of human bodies

in the Nuba mountains and Blue Nile lies in the shameful disintegration

of values, hearts, consciousness and conscience of privileged humanity in the

raging conflicts between all the major global economic and military

elites for control over natural resources, and the simultaneous

siege and extermination of the Nuba, the most innocent indigenous African


For all of you that still care, we are working on a new documentary.

We hope it will also convince WHO and UN officials to carry out

their duty.

Please buy this calender and help us to finish the production of documentary film and stop spreading leprosy.

Order calendar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Price: 9 EUR + posting
Account Number Fundation Tomo Križnar: SI56 0510 0801 3175 987
BIC: ABANSI2X (Account will be attached to the shipment).

Please help to spread this message.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We wish you happy new year.

Tomo and Bojana Križnar

Planner for 2019 is also available:

Naslovna slika za rokovnik 2019

First album represents leprosy in Nuba Mountains, in the second one you can see some everyday moments of Nuba pepole.

Nubske gore marec 2018   Nuba 2016 2017

Wrestling in Nuba moutains - Mesaquin. December 2017:

 Milling the millet in Nuba mountains:

Singing and dancing in Nuba mountains:




Opening speech on 11th European Public Health conference, Ljubljana 29th Nov. 2018


I am convinced that we can all agree that the ideas of health for all cannot be closed into the Sanatorium, as described in the "Magic Mountain" by Thomas Mann. We cannot defend health in a giant underground bunker from the Second World War. Neither a disease can be isolated and closed into medieval leprosy asylums, in which no one enters healthy and from which the sick cannot leave.

But right now, in this same world that we all share, this is happening.

We are closing the borders of our Sanatorium and we are pretending not to see the hardship of refugees which have been forced to escape to survive. We are putting wires on our borders and are using out-dated methods from previous wars; hoping to defend the quality of life in our privileged part of the planet.

But is it not that quality of our lives depends on the quality of lives of people living in all other parts of the World?

The epidemics of diseases and endless violence, the suffering beyond the wires of "the others and the different from down there" as we often label them - affect also our health and lives, and our future - the future of our privileged world.

Those "others and different" cannot be closed into the TV screens, the contemporary asylums for lepers from which catastrophic and meaningless wars and their consequences cannot escape into our homes.


You, that gathered here today, are committed to public health. Your mission is a humanitarian one. Your role is to promote and work for the public good, for the well-being and prosperity of mankind of us here; and of the "others and different down there".                                

In Slovenia, we have a strong National Institute of Public Health. We have people who live and work for public health, who contribute as dedicated professionals, politicians or devoted individuals.

Our former president of state, Dr Janez Drnovšek, was one of them. Before he passed away of cancer he sent me in 2006, as his special envoy, to pick up the hot chestnuts from the embers of Darfur.

Due to his initiative that was called the "World for Darfur", people  became aware of the happenings in that most geo-strategically confusing, neurotic and, devastating enclave of the World. He did not succeed to stop the spread of the cancer of Darfur, the illness has expanded throughout Sudan, Sahel, Africa and the whole planet. It is now threatening us here, in our beautiful country on the sunny side of the Alps.

With my wife Bojana we are visiting the most marginalized areas in Africa and reporting about what we have seen and heard. We are drawing attention to those, responsible for the increasing fear and horror and for the collective apathy and depression on the Earth.

On the screen you can see the people that we have accompanied with a camera on our expeditions to southern edge of Sahara. For many decades, I have been lisening  to these “others and different" when they talked about and struggled to understand what and why is happening to them. They became my friends, my family. The two of us w are trying to capture and translate to our world, our sentiments when sharing the fate with the people who are abandoned, sick, forgotten, oppressed and deprived of all the basic human rights.

 I would like to share with you what shocked us the most during our last expedition to Nuba people and to people of the Blue Nile, Sudan. It was not the war or the persistent genocide or hunger... This time it was a disease: the unbelievable spread of a new epidemic of leprosy that affected and disabled all generations alike. What has stricken us the most was the unacceptable neglect of the right to health, to dignity and to access to medicines and health services.

We were confronted with the essence of health inequity; inability to control a dangerous communicable disease and to perform effective public health in these besieged, isolated and impenetrable provinces. There, a new civil war is undergoing after the proclamation of the new state of the Republic of South Sudan. In this abandoned part of the World the values, actions and the measures that will be discussed in the next few days during this conference, have no place.

On the screen you can see portraits of people depressed but not running away. They have no intention to leave their territory. They are the indigenous people of the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile and not used to migrating. This is the autochthonic population that has, due to displacement and marginalization, adapted to the survival in nature. They are the farmers, attached to their land whose wisdom they cannot transfer to other parts of the world. They would prefer to die, to be extinct; rather than to migrate and lose their land with which they identify themselves and which is fundamental for their culture, morality and ethics.

Now they are dying and can extinct because the World is depriving them from their rights to health and treatment.

The epidemic of leprosy is expanding very fast for several reasons. Because of the  the draughft the local people can no longer produce enough food, therefore they are starving. Even worst They are  in a constant stress between the airborne military attacks and attacks from the ground. Their immune system is put under a huge pressure.

You know better than I do, that where leprosy is still present, antimicrobial resistance has been developed. Leprosy evolves slowly and patients progressively lose their independence and dignity. The Nuba population has no sanatoriums or asylums for leprosy. Patients live together with healthy people, often taking care of orphan children as long as they can.

The Nuba and the Blue Nile populations are not reached by international organizations and international aid, they have no medicines, nobody knows how many patients are infected, and nobody knows the rate of resistance to the antibiotics. All, that to our world is so important and normal, is inaccessible to them. 

From February this year, we were trying to help these victims of the war in Sudan. Through our public health institute and with the help of the ministry of health we have asked for the assistance of the World Health Organization (WHO). On the occasion of the World Health Assembly the former Minister of Health met with the WHO Director-General Dr Tedros in Geneva and informed him on the situation and called for action. On the 1st of October, a WHO representative was expected to come to the meeting in Ljubljana to agree upon how the WHO will use 20.000 EUROs of Slovenia`s contribution to prevent the spread of leprosy in the Nuba Mountains and blue nile. Until now, two months later, the meeting has not yet been scheduled.  No comment is needed.


 Yet, so much could be done and very quickly arranged.  Some of us are ready to leave the comfort and security of our homes and go to the unsafe and most endangered areas. Local people know and accept us. In the vicinity, outside the most dangerous area, but yet close enough, exists a German field hospital that could help us . The World Health Organization could, therefore, use this small amount of money and with its experts provide training for  local people and assure medicines from their stocks. I see the indigenous in Sahel rotting in front of my eyes.

And I see how our values and conscience is rotting at the same time. We have antibiotics that can prevent and treat this disease and improve the situation in a short period of a year. However, we delay the action for to me unacceptable reasons. We consciously let those “others and different" rotting and with no support, arguing that it is politically complicated and dangerous.

I call upon you, public health professionals, to counteract the predatory foreign policies and the perverse and sick neglect of the developed World of this health threatening situation.

In two weeks, we will try to return to Nuba Mountains; to this altar of sacrifice of the World. We will document everything we will find there a year after our last visit. That is what we can do.

We would love to bring with us appropriate antibiotics against leprosy; we would love to arrive to Nuba with the instructions on how to address the leprosy; with hope and the message that the world has not abandoned them. Your conference is an opportunity to talk about this health catastrophe. It is also an opportunity to strengthen ties among us, public health professionals, philanthropists and civil society. Together we could succeed. The world is one and we are all its citizens. We have to work together to overcome this unjustified situation and assure that no one is left behind, not even Nuba and the people of the Blue Nile.

If it is in your competences, please, help us with antibiotics and the knowledge. At the exit, copies of calendars of the Institutions Tomo Križnar and H.O.P.E. from 2019 are available.  You are invited to take your free copy.


April 2018. Nuba Mountains, Sudan

My wife Bojana and I have made a short film about leprosy in Nuba Mountains and started a campaign to grab an attention of World Health Organization.

During the last visit in Sudan, my wife Bojana and I have unexpectedly discovered a location of leprosy (Hansen's disease), which has not been detected before on this area.
Although the leprosy is fully curable since 1940 and the antibiotic treatments and even more effective medications are available today, provided free of charge by the World Health Organization, the WHO representatives are not present on this area, so the disease spread among people ...


8. december 2017: NEW 2018 CALENDAR!

Calendar preview (PDF file)

Koledar 2018 prva stran.jpg

Happy Noam Chomsky day!

Our natural kind on Earth exterminates not only endemic kinds of plants and animals, but also its own and most special representatives. As in rain forests along the Amazon, in the
Kongo and everywhere in Asia, where we may be losing the cure for cancer by cutting down and burning trees, we may be losing the cure for environmental, social and other spiritual ailments
of the "civilized" part of the world, by exterminating the most indigenous peoples on Earth.

We may be exterminating our last and only salvation!

We present again the forgotten, sacrificed, beseiged and displaced indigenous people facing extermination in Sudan. And the seceded Republic of South Sudan.

Because of the new war between the president of the Republic of South Sudan and Dinka leader Salva Kiir, and vice-president and Nuer leader Riek Machar, which erupted in June and now prevents movement accross the whole new state and access to the northern frontier, and also because of EU policy - transferring 165 million EUR to Omar Bashir in the summer, to control the borders and the trade in refugees, and to block refugee routes accross the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, money that now finances the janjaweed and other mercenaries - access to the Nuba mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur is now made even harder. Maybe even impossible.

Maybe the best solution, at least in the short run, for these half million people would be to establish a trans-national natural and cultural park. This temporary solution, advocated by the Tomo Križnar Foundation and the humanitarian organization H.O.P.E, would also involve the use of surveillance drones / unmanned aircraft to watch over and protect these most innocent indigenous people from heartless poachers, the way animals are being protected in the wild in parts of Africa.

Please join us and help us with your contribution to finish editing the documentary »Drones above the Roots of Humanity«, with which the victims on this sacrificial altar of the planet may still invoke the attention of sensitive fellow humans.

You can also support us by ordering our new calender 2018 on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Price: 9 EUR + posting
Account Number Fundation Tomo Križnar: SI56 0510 0801 3175 987
BIC: ABANSI2X (Account will be attached to the shipment).

Please help to spread this message.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We wish you happy Noam Chomsky new year.

Tomo Križnar


30. May 2016 - After 15 days in hands of National Security, Tomo Križnar left the Republic of South Sudan today at 10:00. He will arrive to Venice Marco Polo airport at 22:35. After arrival he will be avalible for all additional questions.

He wants to thank everybody that helped!

Bojana Pivk-Križnar



Tomo Križnar Foundation and Hope
9 EUR plus posting
Order: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Account: TRR: SI56 0510 0801 3175 987, BIC:ABANSI2X

Your contribution Will be used for the postproduction of new documentary film "Drones above the roots of humanity"

See callendar in PDF format


25. November 2015 - Berlin, Saturday November 21: German Foundation for Ethics & Economy - Ethecon Foundation granted to Tomo Križnar The International Award Blue Planet.

The Jury in their justification wrote: "The Award goes to fearless, tireless Fighter who is returning dignity to the People and Hope in a better Future. In a World where the only Criterion for Decisions are Profits slovenianFighter for Human Rights TomoKrižnar markedly contributes to the Preservation and Rescue of the Blue planet. "

At the same time Ethecon Foundation also awards a Prize Black Planet who has this year gone due to USA chemical plant Dow Chemicalor the Destruction of the Planet in the bigest industrial disaster in Bhopal, India in 1984.

In the Aftermaths of Disasters caused by Industrial CatastrophiesEtheconFoundation assisted among others in the Constructions of the Hospitals in Bhopal and Fukujama.

Arrangements how and in what Way Etheconwill help to the Indigenous People facing Genocide in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, Sudan - where Tomotogheter with his supporters is strugling for many years, are still in progress.


9. November 2015 - Exhibition of drawings from Nuba children

LEAFLET of exhibition


13. June 2015 - "To whom the bells toll" - Tomo' public message


10. May 2015 - Photos from the eastern part of Nuba Mountains. Kau, Niaro, Fungor, April 2015


24. February 2015 - Trailer CHAOS OF THE WORLD:
Today at 20.00 we are inviting you to TRAINSTATION SQUAT Kranj, to watch free movie Kaos sveta, wich is talking about how often happens that the truth does not reach the people, because of conflicting interests of corporations, states and influential individuals! It critically shows the events which are daily happening around the world, but are still too often overseen.

Movie will be played at:

24. 2. 2015, 20:00 - TRAINSTATION SQUAT Kranj
07. 3. 2015, 19:00 - Kino Velenje
08. 3. 2015, 17:00 - Kino Velenje
14. 3. 2015, 19:00 - Kulturni dom Nazarje
20. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Ljubljana
20. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Maribor
21. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Ljubljana
21. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Maribor
21. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Kranj
22. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Ljubljana

Free entry for all playing!

The movie was made in collaboration with human rights defender Tomo Križnar, journalists Erik Valenčič and Ervin Hladnik Milharčič. It critically shows the events which are daily happening around the world, but are still too often overseen.
The film interweaves with a speech of three very good journalists, each of them carrying different experiences and perspectives on events happening around the world. They are the ones spending their time away from home and risking lives in order to inform people about the reality. It often happens that the truth does not reach the people, because of conflicting interests of corporations, states and influential individuals!
We are told stories from around the world, revealing a different, more real and tragic picture than the one presented trough the various media channels.
What is the hidden truth?
Why do the media feed us misguided information?
Who is behind all this?
What are their interests?
How far will all this take us?

Close your eyes and open your hearts!


28. January 2015 - Kauda (Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, Sudan), Tuesday, 27. January 2015. cca 13.30pm. 21 bombs, two inured, one pig and one chicken killed


24. January 2015 - Blue Nile - Bojana Pivk Križnar and Tomo Križnar - part 2


23. January 2015 - Blue Nile - Bojana Pivk Križnar and Tomo Križnar, December 2014 - January 2015

27. november 2014


Most of the photographs were taken by me and my wife Bojana during our last expedition to DR Congo and Sudan in the summer of 2014 (three were taken for campaigns to help indigenous peoples 1979 - 2014). The portraits compare “brutes” in two totally different natural environments: the African rainforest and the southern edge of the Sahara, the largest desert on Earth. We borrowed the title “Exterminate all the brutes” from Sven Lindqvist’s book because we, the “civilised” descendants of the first urban settlers, have been repeating it for centuries behind our defensive fortifications. We used this call to make modern “janissaries” realise that our turn will come too, even though we are living in a seemingly safe part of the world.
Knights that once protected the innocent are becoming fewer and fewer and so are humanitarian heroes, therefore we are using machines to help us out. We are becoming robots ourselves and this process may be irreversible but perhaps robots could help protect the roots and seeds of humanity - drones, flying cameras, the “flying eyes and ears of God”, as the indigenous people call them.
All proceeds from the calendar will be used to take the final shots with drones in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile, where me and Bojana will be travelling to in the beginning of December. The money will also be used for financing the final cut and post-production, which will be done in Slovenia in March and April of 2015.

Price: 9 EUR
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Calendar preview (PDF file)

13. November 2014 - Tabit Rape of 200 Darfuri Women: A Scar on the Conscience of our Humanity
(article by: Abdullahi Osman El-Tom)

3. November 2014 - Interview with Tomo Križnar on MMC RTV Slovenija: "People are not aware that giving awards is not enough"

20. October 2014 - Tomo recommends reading Letters against the war, from Tiziano Terzani, italian journalist and writer.


2. October 2014 - International ethecon Awards 2014

Blue Planet Award to Tomo Križnar (Slovenia) for his commitment for peace and human rights i.a. in Darfur

Black Planet Award to Andrew Liveris and James M. Ringler of DOW CHEMICAL (USA), i.a. responsible for 30 years Bhopal


21. September 2014 - Videos from Tomo Križnar:

Flight over the Nuba refugee camp Yida:

Filming with drone in Nuba mountains, Sudan:

20. September 2014 - Drones over the hidden war in Sudan - Article by Tomo, published in Sobotna priloga, Delo newspaper

19. July 2014 - Interview with deputy chairwoman, Nuba refugee camp Yida, Republic of South Sudan:

9. July 2014 - Three new galleries which aim to answer

Who is attacking?

Who is protecting?

Who are victims?

29. June 2014 - Photo reportage from Tomo Kriznar

"End of last dry season and in the begining of new reain season we got more bombs then ever before. Government in Khartoum is implementing the "final solution" of Nuba question using the air force. And in the same time reorganising janjaweeds. Merceneries from abroad are granted more and more power. The people in Nuba Mountains are under tremendouss pressure. " Tomo Križnar

30. June 2014 - Report from Enough Project: Activist Brief: Janjaweed Reincarnate

30. June 2014 - Article by Eric Reeves: A Familiar Acquiescence follows Khartoum's Bombing of MSF Hospital in South Kordofan
(June 16, 2014)

15. June 2014 - Report from Tomo with photos:

29. May 2014 - Today's morning of a Nuba mother with a new-born in her lap - Tomo Križnar reports from South Sudan


9. May 2014

Conflicts and the victims in Bentiu

Tomo Križnar spoke about Bentiu conflict in South Sudan with President of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in Sudan Dr. Gibreelom Ibrahim Mohammed.

Uganda, 24th April 2014

12. February 2014 - 10. februar 2014: Tomaž Pengov: Jebel Marra

17. January 2014 - Tomo' speech on the Out of the Box conference, that happened in May 2012 in Maribor, where he predicted the war in South Sudan:

29. december 2013 - Article by Tomo Križnar, published in Sobotna priloga, Delo newspaper: Export in return for genocide

1. January 2014 - Video about accepting calendar 2014 in Nuba mountains

31. December 2013 - Riek Machar's End-Game: What is it? Riek Machar's End-Game: What is it? - Eric Reeves about events in South Sudan.


23. December 2013

Protest letter:

Let Us Stop the Genocide of Indigenous People in Sudan

we wrote a protest letter, hoping that you will kindly read and forward it to others … and also consider how you might personally help in protecting the indigenous people
(we will be collecting your suggestions for cooperation at the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

P.S. We sent the protest letter to the UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Navi Pillay, the Special Adviser on The Prevention of Genocide to the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Adama Dieng, the UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect, Ms. Jennifer Welsh, to individual heads of state, religious leaders, the European Cultural Parliament, media outlets …

We will also ask the global public for help in putting an end to the genocide through the Web community AVAAZ, where you too will be able to sign a petition.

Let us preserve the roots of humanity, fight the darkness with light!

20. December 2013 -

Shooting on the streets of Bentiu

On the streets of Bentiu today again all the suspects are being shot. Tomo is reporting about numerous bodies lying on the streets. On the photo you can see the road in Bentiu and entrance to UN of Mongolian battalion.

17. December 2013 - 16. December 2013 – New attacks on native people. How much more time are we going to keep our eyes closed? Tomo Križnar spent all night and day together with attacked mothers, children, old people and patients in caves and in river's troughs.


17. December 2013 - On 12. December 2013 Tomo Križnar has reported for POP TV 24 ur directly through satellite connection about the tragedy of Nuba people and about daily attacks by army of Omar Al Basir.


17. December 2013

Tomo about Nelson Mandela:

Nelson is indeed more than a run-of-the-mill politician, and he did prove that experience of the worst evil can really help in becoming a better person. He did, however, fail when we were attempting to rescue Nigerian poet Saro-Wiwa from being hanged by the generals for protecting the indigenous Ogoni people in the Niger delta from the Shell oil corporation. And he never helped the Nuba and the people of Sudan. Archbishop Desmund Tutu dares to stand up openly in support of the people in Darfur, Abyei and Blue Nile provinces, and the natives in the Nuba mountains. And he is doing this by openly accusing the British and the European Union of cooperating, along with the Americans, with the Arabs in Sudan, with the Arab League, China and Russia in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous people in what is left of the old Sudan after the secession of the Republic of South Sudan two years ago.

Tomo Križnar, Nuba mountains, December 13th 2013

15. December 2013 - The Photos and Videos were brought to us by Abass Idris Gima, he filmed the aftermath of this bombardment on the 1st of May 2013. We have only edited the content and uploaded it to
11. December 2013 - New attack on Nuba mountains:

22. November 2013

Calendar of Tomo Križnar Foundation and H.O.P.E. for 2014

Our new calendar brings you experiences of childhood by schoolchildren in the Nuba mountains.
We put their simple yet compelling drawings as exclamation marks with each month - along with
photos of the native people, which we took under Russian Antonov bombers and Chinese MIGs.

In spite of the worst humanitarian crisis, the indigenous people continue to express, from one month to the next, an infinite hope and trust that we will help them to survive on their own land.
We believe that we can help the most by making a documentary movie that we have been producing on the ground in Sudan since the beginning of the year. Please support our new documentary by purchasing the calendar. Give it as a gift to friends, notify acquantainces,
spread the word ...

Place your orders to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Calendar price: 9 EUR+postage

Calendar+DVD (A day in the life of Koni, With the school children in Nuba Mountains, Leni Riefenstahl's Nuba in 2013): 11 EUR+postage


18. November 2013 - Video of yesterday's bomb attack in Nuba Mountains:


15. November 2013 - Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA)
Urgent report on Blue Nile IDPs crossing the border into the refugees camps in South Sudan
Date: 11.Nov.2013

Over 2000 family members hardly managed to cross from the Ingassana hill south of the Blue Nile state on the 10th.Nov.2013into the refugee’s camp in south Sudan.
The group took off the journey on the 2nd.Nov.2013 under a continual daily aerial bombardment and ground attacks plus so many ambushes on their way, after been denied access by the government of Sudan since war outbreak on the 2nd.Sep.2011.
4 children and three elders killed in between Jangoor and Balduguvillage on the border-line to Kurmuk County, more than 100 casualties’ lei downunder the trees on the border to south Sudan without medicine, food or shelter.
The SRRA is appealing all related humanitarian stakeholders for an urgent humanitarian help.

Hashim Orta


13. October 2013 - Our short documentary videos from Sudan:

A Day in the Life of Koni (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

With the School Children in Nuba Mountains (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

Leni Riefenstahl (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

21. May 2013 - Tomo Križnar: Without protection from the strong, you will not last

8. May 2013 - Photos from Blue Nile and refugee camp Yida


12. April 2013 - "What is it with Obamas America? Whats with the EU?" - Notes by Tomo Križnar

4. March 2013 - Kill a slave with a slave (Tomo Kriznar for Slovenian newspaper Delo - Sobotna priloga)


13. March 2013 - Refugees on the way to Yida refugee camp in South Sudan


10. March 2013 - Nuba: "We will not leave, we rather die where the bones of our anchestors are."


27. February 2013 - New aerial attack on Buram, 26. Feb 2013 (click for further description with photos)

Bombardments on civilians became usual event. It is happening day after day. Today again in Buram, a small market town in Nuba Mountains, where we we used to sit in wonderful cool shade under mango tree, drinking coffee or tea and chat.
Antonov arrived at 9.15 in the morning and bombed the center of the market - straight without circling. It killed three men and wounded another four. Two man died roasted on the spot, and the third one on the way to small clinic. All are civilians.There are no military camps around. The same Antonov bombed today also Kowalib and Degheba. At the moment we do not have report on victims.
It is happening again and again because most of the world is looking away.
Thank you for your attention.


23. February 2013 - Photos from Nuba Mountains

New short documentary by Tomo Križnar:
Blue Nile - Sudan (recorded in 2012)

20. February 2013 - A Plea for Help from the Nuba Mountains!

20. February 2013 - Urgent statement from the SPLM/N humanitarian wing(SRRA)


18. February 2013

On Sunday, 17. February at 5:30 pm, Eyes and Ears team heard 13 bombs had been thrown at Hieban region in Nuba Mountains

There were 3 people killed and 3 injured.

Names of killed:

Samrha Mohamed, 32 years old
Chichia Juma, 2 years old
Yunan Yassir, 8 year old

Names of injured:

Salwa Mohmud, 40 years old
Kodi Juma, 8 years old
Kodi Tariqi, 3 years old

14. February 2013 - After bombardments in Nuba Mountains
Photos taken by local volunteers of Eyes and Ears of God project

Children that died in a burning house after bomb attack in Eree

Old woman injured in bomb attack in Dabi


4. February 2013 - Blue Nile Humanitarian Coordination Office: Summary of the Humanitarian and Human Rights SituationSummary of the Humanitarian and Human Rights Situation
Two Months Update: December 2012 and January 2013

2. February 2013 - Article by Eric Reeves: Blue Nile Emerging: Horrors Without End and a Familiar International Acquiescence-A brief compendium


Calendar 2013 by Tomo Kriznar Foundation and humanitarian organisation HOPE
with footage of african indigenes from besieged war areas in Darfur, Nuba mountains and Blue Nile in Sudan (1979 - 2012)
"The pen is mightier then the sword!"

Please support us in our actions.
Order at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Price: 9.00 EUR + shipping cost

1. February 2013
In refugee camp Yida in South Sudan, which was made for the refugees from Nuba Mountains, Tomo and Živa were drinking tea, when someone comes by. Tomo jumps up "I know this man, Živa record this!!"
Later it turns out that Tomo met this man 13 years ago in Nuba Mountains, made a picture of him and put him in this year's callendar.
Video of the event:


18. January 2013 - SRRA Special report:
PDF file: The Humanitarian and Human Rights Situation of the IDPs and War Affected Civilians in the SPLM/A-North Controlled Areas of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States

DOC file: More than 1 million under attack by Sudanese government - First official report from inside rebel held territory

(SRRA = The Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency)


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