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Ustanova, ki jo je ustanovil Tomo Križnar s podporniki, producira dokumentarne filme in knjige, ki imajo cilj pridobiti zavest človeštva o pomenu zaščite staroselskih ljudstev na področij v vojnah tujih interesov za nadzor naravnih virov.


Prosimo donirajte za produkcijo novega dokumentarnega filma o razmerah v najteže dostopnih gorah Kauniaro.


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Humanitarna ustanova H.O.P.E.

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Ustanovo je po vrnitvi iz Darfurja ustanovil Klemen Mihelič s podporniki. Namen ustanove je zbiranje prispevkov za video nadzor konfliktnih območij v obliki miniaturnih video kamer, mini prenosnikov in satelitskih anten za internet. 

Obe ustanovi tesno sodelujeta. 

Klemen Mihelič predstavlja miniaturne kamere ženskam v taborišču na čadsko-sudanski meji

Celoten film
Eyes and Ears of God
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Suleiman Jammous na zunanjem ministrstvu

Suleiman Jammous, humanitarni koordinator JEM se je sestal z zunanjim ministrom Samuelom Žbogarjem v Ljubljani, dne 7. maj 2010.
Tu je posnetek poročila o trenutni situaciji v Darfurju.


I think I should have to extend my thanks to all the Slovenians, starting from the initiative of Mr. Drnovsek and those I think lead to raise awareness in Europe by the Slovenian activities. I can tell you now that people in the refugee (camps) feel that Slovenia saved them more than EU and AU and United nations 20.000 troops on the ground there. I think they are consuming money, millions and millions per day and the effect they did was very minor to that effect made by this small cameras, sent from Slovenia here, brought by my friend Tomo Kriznar and his colleague Klemen Mihelic. They brought us about 45 pieces of small cameras and we divided this in the camps of the refugees and IDPs and we concentrated on the refugees because the wellness was against them very much bigger than IDPs inside the country. So just the day everyone hear that there is a hidden camera, (it) can detect you if you made violence against women and children. And this cameras are available everywhere.

     And there is an effect?

It's amazing one. We didn't hear in the last two months about any kind of violations against women and children because of these small cameras. They don't know where it is and they are afraid to be caught, so everyone stopped. And this is known as the Slovenian gift.

     Who would have thought you know it's a small thing but can make such a big change

We are completely positive that this small thing made that much of effect despite of the presence of 20.000 troops on the ground and they are doing nothing. Even they don't move to witness what happened on the ground unless they are permitted by the government of Sudan. So they are for us useless in spite their number and we don't care what are they doing but we feel that they are only wasting the money of the world in Darfur.

The second thing for us, I should not bother you to speak about history, but what is now and what is that you are expecting from the future if things go like what is happening today.

I think fairest agreement signed between the movements and the government in Doha in February 23rd. The very day we signed this, bombardment started from the side of the government and until today they did not stop. On daily basis they are bombarding the areas where they suspect that gunmen are there. But the fact (is) that they are bombarding the villages and the villagers and the water resources for the people and their livestock. The worst happened when people feared the daylight and they gathered around the water resource in area named Girgi Girgi on the 28 of April, they were bombarded in the night. Killing at least half of the livestock which was there and 8 people were killed that night. This bombardment, then from the 27th of April, they started, land troops to attack the area of Jabel Moon where they feel that it is the base of the movements. Since then we battled with them 4 times. Luckily we succeeded to defeat them this 4 times but the offensive is still there and they are trying to attack us from 3 sides. And we are prepared for that, we don't fear that they are coming. But to tell this movements effect on civilians. I am very much concerned with the wellbeing of this ... and this is why I am crying. These people they don’t differentiate between the fighters and the civilians. They just bombard from the air. And it comes and butchers and they don't care. On the 4th of this May, 3 days ago they bombarded something as 18 villages to the west of El Fasher, when they feared that rebels are going to attack El Fasher. Rebels are not in the villages, but they bombarded the villages and continued bombarding until yesterday an area named Thabit which is a market of the area, so they killed innocent civilians every time and they know that it is dangerous to fly over the troops who are armed, and they know that these civilians are not armed so they bombard the civilians easily and they don't care.

* * *

At the elections it was green lighted from the Americans by the speech which was said by Carter, when he said "we know that the environment at these elections may not meet the international standards, but the international community will accept the result". So it is OK. This gave Al Bashir green light to do whatever he can to stay on power. And this was quite conspiracy between Americans and Omar Al Bashir who once they described as genocidal and he is now suspected in international community, in the international criminal court. But still the Americans for their own interest they are giving some kind of legitimacy and some kind of recognition for these forced elections. Which the case was: they put boxes for the voters to vote in and then they took those aside and brought the already prepared boxes for the counters to count. And it was quite obvious that they are now in power and the intention of the Americans to have Omar Bashir in power in the north and Salva Kiir to the south in power just to befriend them and get some kind of split, peaceful split for the country. While Omar Bashir prepared himself to make a chaos and the powers to prevent the re-formation. And it is started already.

After the results, the loosers have started to fight, now. So many commanders and there is a split in the military in south Sudan now. So the Americans don't know that Bashir and his regime prepared themselves to stay in power and not to let this American decision to happen, which is splitting the country to south and north. For us, we don't care if the southerners choose to go away it's their will. But we want them in, just to have any kind of coalition between the marginalized people against the center which marginalized us and themselves. And we announced several times that we accept present Sudan just to keep this coalition between the marginalized people in Sudan. If this do not happen and they choose to go away it's ok. We will still struggle against the center, but we will be so much weakened by the split of the South. But the Americans now they are concentrating on how to … of the referendum with calm Sudan. In the front of Darfur and north south conflict they want to keep things cool and down until then. Which is, by the deeds of the government of Sudan, is not preventing the assaults and suffering of the civilians of Darfur. so with the government now sends 3 troops against JEM and JEM are also moving around in Fasher, to defend Fasher they are bombarding civilians, this can create more refugees, more IDPs, internally displaced people, and this is the situation until today. I don't know… The international community wishes now, Americans running after their interests and the Chinese running after their interests to have cool Sudan. Those are to invest and these are to create a new country. And Omar Al Bashir is too scared of ICC. These three are working. The other world, especial Europe, they are I think trying to have some compromise and they are closing eyes, most of them I think are backing the American role ...

* * *

What we expect from Europeans, they have to have at least, their own role, their own stand and their own plans to stop suffering, even only to stop the suffering of the civilians, which I am now here, to cry on behalf of them and for this we came back again and if I stayed alive, this is not the only time I come to Slovenia, to try for myself to cry on Europeans to have some role for us. For this I am here, and I am very much encouraged by the position until today Slovenians do, even if they feel that is very minor but it is very very essential for us in the front of protecting the civilians. Those cameras and those visits from Tomo Kriznar and his colleague Klemen, they gave us very encouraging feeling that Slovenians will do something for us.

And I think I told everyone I found here that the bombardment of the government targeting the collections of civilians, like water places, like markets, village, like these... So because of the instruments and the technology we don't have, we have only limited water places. So if we can have any instrument that can just dig several water places, we can in place of collecting the whole area in one area we can scatter them in ten, more than ten areas, where the target wouldn't be effected if they bombarded only one from nine. If they are bombarding ten out of ten, and we've scattered the people in nine other places and they have spotted one and bombarded it, that will not effect the collective. This is why I'm here and I hope my friends will lead Europe, at least to take the role of serving civilians, protecting civilians. Not that, which is now, they are donating money for UN-AU force, which is for us meaningless, they are just there. We asked them to come and witness Girgi Girgi where was bombardment in the night killing and wound our livestock and 8 people... They said “we are not permitted from the government of Sudan”. So if you are in need of permission of government of Sudan why you are here. Because the man who did the bad will not give you the permission to witness against him, so that is waste of money and waste of time and some kind of state until we come up with another idea. If this is not changed, we don't feel that these are doing something for us.
Thank you for your time.


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