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We beliewe we can help
indigenious people facing genocide in Sudan with drones. We are filming
with flying cameras in the field for the last two years - now
we need your help to pay postproduction (film directing and editing). Please react. Please donate for the film "Drones over Nuba."

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Drone with flying camera



Humanitarian Foundation H.O.P.E.
Letališka cesta 29
1000 Ljubljana

Donations for cameras and internet
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Donations for drilling machine
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EYES AND EARS OF GOD - Video surveillance of Sudan

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"Eyes and Ears of God – Video surveillance of Sudan" is an eyewitness account by publicist and activist Tomo Križnar from 1979 to 2012 of the secret exterminations of African natives from the areas of Sudan, rich in natural resources: The Nuba Mountains, Darfur, Abyei and Blue Nile. The film is a personal account of what one man can do with the help of like-minded people and friends, who still believe in the power of active commitment and refuse to give in to conformism. The film bears witness to the power of cameras, which can be more potent weapons than Kalashnikovs, and footage that gives the International Criminal Court in the Hague proof of the genocide over the peoples in Sudan. This is a story of the suffering Sudanese, defending their own lives with cameras, computers and satellite modems, and bearing witness to their plight. Forgotten by the world's politics, media and humanitarian organisations, they are begging the "civilized" world to help them.

The documentary "Eyes and Ears of God" also tells the story of the birth of independent South Sudan and how its secession from Sudan brought about new wars between strategic interests of the world's powers and both Sudans.

From 2009 to 2012, Tomo Križnar, Suleiman Jamous, the humanitarian co-ordinator of the Darfur rebels, and Klemen Mihelič, the founder of humanitarian organisation H.O.P.E., have distributed over 400 cameras to volunteers across the war zones in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur. "Eyes and Ears of God" documents the effects of this initiative.

Full-length documentary, 95 minutes, Slovenian and English versions, HDCAM

Production: Foundation of Tomo Križnar in co-production with Bela Film, RTV Slovenija, Studio Arkadena and with financial help of the Audiovisual Fund, Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia

Executive producer: Živa Ozmec
Producer: Tomo Križnar
Written and directed by: Tomo Križnar, Maja Weiss
Camera: Tomo Križnar and 400 volunteers in Sudan
Editing: Svetlana Dramlič
Original music: Igor Leonardi

Length format: 95 min
Production format: DV, PAL, NTSC, HD (16:9)
Screening format: HD
Languages: Slovenian, English, Arabic, Zaghawa, Fur, Nuba, Komo, Ganza …
Production year: 2012


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