21. September 2014 - Flight over the Nuba refugee camp Yida:

21. September 2014 - Filming with drone in Nuba mountains, Sudan:

2. February 2013 - New short documentary by Tomo Križnar:
Blue Nile - Sudan (recorded in 2012)

1. February 2013 - In refugee camp Yida in South Sudan, which was made for the refugees from Nuba Mountains, Tomo and Živa were drinking tea, when someone comes by. Tomo jumps up "I know this man, Živa record this!!"
Later it turns out that Tomo met this man 13 years ago in Nuba Mountains, made a picture of him and put him in this year's callendar.
Video of the event:

20. November 2012 - Crises in Nuba Mountains is getting worse with every passing day.
Written report from

Below you can see video report about hunger situation in the region, which was put together by Eyes And Ears Nuba team.

30. September 2012 - Video of current situation in South Sudan, where refugees from Sudan (North) are living in Juba Port:

11. September 2012 -

Video clips made on our last mission to Sudan:

interview with Rudwan Dawood Cis, young sudanese activist, cofounder of griffna movement. We meet him in Juba just before he went to Khartoum to support demonstrations against Sudanese government in Khartoum. He was arrested there just because he attended peaceful protests...but now after 44 days in prison they released him! His work is great inspiration to many young people in Sudan and South Sudan!

11. August 2012 -

Sudan testimonies - Križnar's latest visit to endogenous areas:

21. March 2012 - Starting today we are releasing English version of the movie
EYES AND EARS OF GOD – Video surveillance of Sudan
by Tomo Križnar and Maja Weiss on the YouTube channel:

28. February 2012 -

Trailer for documentary Eyes and Ears of God - Video surveillance of Sudan

28. February 2012 -

Besieged in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

The New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof witnesses a growing humanitarian crisis in Sudan, where starving families in the Nuba Mountains are hiding in caves to escape bombing by Sudanese warplanes.
For more information read his article "Dodging Bombers in Sudan" (published February 22, 2012)

The Man Who Stayed Behind

The New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof talks with Ryan Boyette, a Florida man who braves bombs to document atrocities in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains.

10. February 2012 - Trailer for new documetary film "Eyes and Ears of God - Video surveillance of Sudan" (17 minutes)

26. December 2011 - Interview with Ibrahim Khalil (leader of Sudanese JEM rebels) from 2009, who was killed three days ago

18. December 2011 - Footage from Jabous, Blue Nile province, Sudan - 28.11.2011

30. July 2011 - Bomb attack in Nuba mountains (22. June 2011):

After bomb attack in Nuba mountains (22. June 2011):

22. June 2011, Nuba people were bombed again.

A pregnant woman (in 9th month!) was killed in Nuba mountains after one of the every-day bomb attacks. Her name was Fawsia Kalan Kuku.

Location: 100 m away from Nuba Rehabilitation Relief Development Organization (NRRDO) center in Kauda, Nuba mountains.

And the bombs are falling down on innocent people in Nuba mountains every day.

8. July 2011 - Video posnetki po bombnih napadih v Nubskem gorovju:

Ostali video posnetki:

  • Dellami market after the air attack II
  • Wounded child in airstrike on Kauda - 24. June 2011
  • Two wounded men in airstrike on Kauda - 22. June 2011
  • Two wounded men in Heiban region - 22. June 2011
  • Loading wounded man on a car - 22. June 2011
  • Maria Ibrahim killed in Kauda - 22. June 2011
  • Displaced camps in Heiban region

  • 27. February 2011 - Video of tribe Komo, Blue Nile province, Sudan
    Recorded by Tomo Kriznar on 27 January 2011

    * * *
    Recorded on 27. January 2011 with miniature video camera, like the ones Tomo Kriznar delivered to the victims between North and South Sudan.

    20. February 2011 - Tomo Križnar, Suleiman Jammous and Klemen Mihelič were invited to
    Cinema for Peace Gala 2011, which took place on February 14th in Berlin.
    Suleiman Jammous presented joined project of video monitoring with miniature cameras in Sudan.

    Video: Speeces of Suleiman Jammous and Gerhart Baum, former foreign minister of Germany at the Gala:

    30. March 2010 - Video of Tomo' acceptance speach at Cartagine award in Verona in February 2010:

    December 2009 - Giving out pencils to the children in refugee camp in Darfur. Pencils were donated by pupils of primary school Kozje, Slovenia.

    Complete film
    Eyes and Ears of God
    on YouTube

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