30. May 2016 - After 15 days in hands of National Security, Tomo Križnar left the Republic of South Sudan today at 10:00. He will arrive to Venice Marco Polo airport at 22:35. After arrival he will be avalible for all additional questions.

He wants to thank everybody that helped!

Bojana Pivk-Križnar

Tomo Križnar Foundation and Hope
9 EUR plus posting
Account: TRR: SI56 0510 0801 3175 987, BIC:ABANSI2X

Your contribution Will be used for the postproduction of new documentary film "Drones above the roots of humanity"

see callendar in PDF format

25. November 2015 - Berlin, Saturday November 21: German Foundation for Ethics &Economy - Ethecon Foundation granted to Tomo Križnar The International Award Blue Planet.

The Jury in their justification wrote: "The Award goes to fearless, tireless Fighter who is returning dignity to the People and Hope in a better Future. In a World where the only Criterion for Decisions are Profits slovenianFighter for Human Rights TomoKrižnar markedly contributes to the Preservation and Rescue of the Blue planet. "

At the same time Ethecon Foundation also awards a Prize Black Planet who has this year gone due to USA chemical plant Dow Chemicalor the Destruction of the Planet in the bigest industrial disaster in Bhopal, India in 1984.

In the Aftermaths of Disasters caused by Industrial CatastrophiesEtheconFoundation assisted among others in the Constructions of the Hospitals in Bhopal and Fukujama.

Arrangements how and in what Way Etheconwill help to the Indigenous People facing Genocide in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, Sudan - where Tomotogheter with his supporters is strugling for many years, are still in progress.

9. November 2015 - Exhibition of drawings from Nuba children

LEAFLET of exhibition

13. June 2015 - "To whom the bells toll" - Tomo' public message

10. May 2015 - Photos from the eastern part of Nuba Mountains. Kau, Niaro, Fungor, April 2015

24. February 2015 - Trailer:

Today at 20.00 we are inviting you to TRAINSTATION SQUAT Kranj, to watch free movie Kaos sveta, wich is talking about how often happens that the truth does not reach the people, because of conflicting interests of corporations, states and influential individuals! It critically shows the events which are daily happening around the world, but are still too often overseen.

Movie will be played at:

24. 2. 2015, 20:00 - TRAINSTATION SQUAT Kranj
07. 3. 2015, 19:00 - Kino Velenje
08. 3. 2015, 17:00 - Kino Velenje
14. 3. 2015, 19:00 - Kulturni dom Nazarje
20. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Ljubljana
20. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Maribor
21. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Ljubljana
21. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Maribor
21. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Kranj
22. 3. 2015, 16:00 - Kolosej Ljubljana

Free entry for all playing!

The movie was made in collaboration with human rights defender Tomo Križnar, journalists Erik Valenčič and Ervin Hladnik Milharčič. It critically shows the events which are daily happening around the world, but are still too often overseen.
The film interweaves with a speech of three very good journalists, each of them carrying different experiences and perspectives on events happening around the world. They are the ones spending their time away from home and risking lives in order to inform people about the reality. It often happens that the truth does not reach the people, because of conflicting interests of corporations, states and influential individuals!
We are told stories from around the world, revealing a different, more real and tragic picture than the one presented trough the various media channels.
What is the hidden truth?
Why do the media feed us misguided information?
Who is behind all this?
What are their interests?
How far will all this take us?

Close your eyes and open your hearts!

28. January 2015 - Kauda (Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, Sudan), Tuesday, 27. January 2015. cca 13.30pm. 21 bombs, two inured, one pig and one chicken killed

24. January 2015 - Blue Nile - Bojana Pivk Križnar and Tomo Križnar - part 2

23. January 2015 - Blue Nile - Bojana Pivk Križnar and Tomo Križnar, December 2014 - January 2015

27. november 2014 -


Most of the photographs were taken by me and my wife Bojana during our last expedition to DR Congo and Sudan in the summer of 2014 (three were taken for campaigns to help indigenous peoples 1979 - 2014). The portraits compare “brutes” in two totally different natural environments: the African rainforest and the southern edge of the Sahara, the largest desert on Earth. We borrowed the title “Exterminate all the brutes” from Sven Lindqvist’s book because we, the “civilised” descendants of the first urban settlers, have been repeating it for centuries behind our defensive fortifications. We used this call to make modern “janissaries” realise that our turn will come too, even though we are living in a seemingly safe part of the world.
Knights that once protected the innocent are becoming fewer and fewer and so are humanitarian heroes, therefore we are using machines to help us out. We are becoming robots ourselves and this process may be irreversible but perhaps robots could help protect the roots and seeds of humanity - drones, flying cameras, the “flying eyes and ears of God”, as the indigenous people call them.
All proceeds from the calendar will be used to take the final shots with drones in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile, where me and Bojana will be travelling to in the beginning of December. The money will also be used for financing the final cut and post-production, which will be done in Slovenia in March and April of 2015.

Price: 9 EUR
Availability: on stock

Calendar preview (PDF file)

13. November 2014 - Tabit Rape of 200 Darfuri Women: A Scar on the Conscience of our Humanity (article by: Abdullahi Osman El-Tom)

3. November 2014 - Interview with Tomo Križnar on MMC RTV Slovenija: "People are not aware that giving awards is not enough"

20. October 2014 - Tomo recommends reading Letters against the war, from Tiziano Terzani, italian journalist and writer.

2. October 2014 - International ethecon Awards 2014

Blue Planet Award to Tomo Križnar (Slovenia) for his commitment for peace and human rights i.a. in Darfur

Black Planet Award to Andrew Liveris and James M. Ringler of DOW CHEMICAL (USA), i.a. responsible for 30 years Bhopal

21. September 2014 - Videos from Tomo Križnar:

Flight over the Nuba refugee camp Yida:

Filming with drone in Nuba mountains, Sudan:

20. September 2014 - Drones over the hidden war in Sudan - Article by Tomo, published in Sobotna priloga, Delo newspaper

19. July 2014 - Interview with deputy chairwoman, Nuba refugee camp Yida, Republic of South Sudan:

9. July 2014 - Three new galleries which aim to answer

Who is attacking?

Who is protecting?

Who are victims?

29. June 2014 - Photo reportage from Tomo Kriznar

"End of last dry season and in the begining of new reain season we got more bombs then ever before. Government in Khartoum is implementing the "final solution" of Nuba question using the air force. And in the same time reorganising janjaweeds. Merceneries from abroad are granted more and more power. The people in Nuba Mountains are under tremendouss pressure. " Tomo Križnar

30. June 2014 - Report from Enough Project: Activist Brief: Janjaweed Reincarnate

30. June 2014 - Article by Eric Reeves: A Familiar Acquiescence follows Khartoum's Bombing of MSF Hospital in South Kordofan (June 16, 2014)

15. June 2014 - Report from Tomo with photos:

29. May 2014 - Today's morning of a Nuba mother with a new-born in her lap - Tomo Križnar reports from South Sudan

9. May 2014 -

Conflicts and the victims in Bentiu

Tomo Križnar spoke about Bentiu conflict in South Sudan with President of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in Sudan Dr. Gibreelom Ibrahim Mohammed.

Uganda, 24-th April 2014

12. February 2014 - 10. februar 2014 -

17. January 2014 - Tomo' speech on the Out of the Box conference, that happened in May 2012 in Maribor, where he predicted the war in South Sudan:

29. december 2013 - Article by Tomo Križnar, published in Sobotna priloga, Delo newspaper: Export in return for genocide

1. January 2014 - Video about accepting calendar 2014 in Nuba mountains

31. December 2013 - Riek Machar's End-Game: What is it? - Eric Reeves about events in South Sudan.

23. December 2013 -

Protest letter:

Let Us Stop the Genocide of Indigenous People in Sudan

we wrote a protest letter, hoping that you will kindly read and forward it to others … and also consider how you might personally help in protecting the indigenous people
(we will be collecting your suggestions for cooperation at the e-mail address

P.S. We sent the protest letter to the UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Navi Pillay, the Special Adviser on The Prevention of Genocide to the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Adama Dieng, the UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect, Ms. Jennifer Welsh, to individual heads of state, religious leaders, the European Cultural Parliament, media outlets …

We will also ask the global public for help in putting an end to the genocide through the Web community AVAAZ, where you too will be able to sign a petition.

Let us preserve the roots of humanity, fight the darkness with light!

20. December 2013 -

Shooting on the streets of Bentiu

On the streets of Bentiu today again all the suspects are being shot. Tomo is reporting about numerous bodies lying on the streets. On the photo you can see the road in Bentiu and entrance to UN of Mongolian battalion.

17. December 2013 - 16. December 2013 – New attacks on native people. How much more time are we going to keep our eyes closed? Tomo Križnar spent all night and day together with attacked mothers, children, old people and patients in caves and in river's troughs.

17. December 2013 - On 12. December 2013 Tomo Križnar has reported for POP TV 24 ur directly through satellite connection about the tragedy of Nuba people and about daily attacks by army of Omar Al Basir.
link to video

17. December 2013 -

Tomo about Nelson Mandela:

Nelson is indeed more than a run-of-the-mill politician, and he did prove that experience of the worst evil can really help in becoming a better person. He did, however, fail when we were attempting to rescue Nigerian poet Saro-Wiwa from being hanged by the generals for protecting the indigenous Ogoni people in the Niger delta from the Shell oil corporation. And he never helped the Nuba and the people of Sudan. Archbishop Desmund Tutu dares to stand up openly in support of the people in Darfur, Abyei and Blue Nile provinces, and the natives in the Nuba mountains. And he is doing this by openly accusing the British and the European Union of cooperating, along with the Americans, with the Arabs in Sudan, with the Arab League, China and Russia in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous people in what is left of the old Sudan after the secession of the Republic of South Sudan two years ago.

Tomo Križnar, Nuba mountains, December 13th 2013

15. December 2013 - The Photos and Videos were brought to us by Abass Idris Gima, he filmed the aftermath of this bombardment on the 1st of May 2013. We have only edited the content and uploaded it to YouTube.
The team “Eyes and Ears of God”

11. December 2013 - New attack on Nuba mountains:

22. November 2013 -

Calendar of Tomo Križnar Foundation and H.O.P.E. for 2014

(click on the image to see the whole callendar)

Our new calendar brings you experiences of childhood by schoolchildren in the Nuba mountains.
We put their simple yet compelling drawings as exclamation marks with each month - along with
photos of the native people, which we took under Russian Antonov bombers and Chinese MIGs.

In spite of the worst humanitarian crisis, the indigenous people continue to express, from one month to the next, an infinite hope and trust that we will help them to survive on their own land.
We believe that we can help the most by making a documentary movie that we have been producing on the ground in Sudan since the beginning of the year. Please support our new documentary by purchasing the calendar. Give it as a gift to friends, notify acquantainces,
spread the word ...

Place your orders to:
  • Calendar price: 9 EUR+postage

  • Calendar+DVD (A day in the life of Koni, With the school children in Nuba Mountains, Leni Riefenstahl's Nuba in 2013): 11 EUR+postage

  • 18. November 2013 - Video of yesterday's bomb attack in Nuba Mountains:

    15. November 2013 - Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA)
    Urgent report on Blue Nile IDPs crossing the border into the refugees camps in South Sudan
    Date: 11.Nov.2013

    Over 2000 family members hardly managed to cross from the Ingassana hill south of the Blue Nile state on the 10th.Nov.2013into the refugee’s camp in south Sudan.
    The group took off the journey on the 2nd.Nov.2013 under a continual daily aerial bombardment and ground attacks plus so many ambushes on their way, after been denied access by the government of Sudan since war outbreak on the 2nd.Sep.2011.
    4 children and three elders killed in between Jangoor and Balduguvillage on the border-line to Kurmuk County, more than 100 casualties’ lei downunder the trees on the border to south Sudan without medicine, food or shelter.
    The SRRA is appealing all related humanitarian stakeholders for an urgent humanitarian help.

    Hashim Orta

    13. October 2013 - Our short documentary videos from Sudan:

    A Day in the Life of Koni (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

    A Day in the Life of Koni (SLOVENIAN SUBTITLES - Dan v Koninem življenju)

    A Day in the Life of Koni (GERMAN SUBTITLES - Ein Tag aus Koni's Leben)

    With the School Children in Nuba Mountains (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

    With the School Children in Nuba Mountains (SLOVENIAN SUBTITLES - Z učenci v Nubskih gorah)

    With the School Children in Nuba Mountains (GERMAN SUBTITLES - Mit den Schulkindern in den Nuba Mountains)

    Leni Riefenstahl (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

    Leni Riefenstahl (SLOVENIAN SUBTITLES - "Leni Riefenstahl Nuba" v letu 2013)

    21. May 2013 - Tomo Križnar: Without protection from the strong, you will not last

    8. May 2013 - Photos from Blue Nile and refugee camp Yida

    12. April 2013 - "What is it with Obamas America? Whats with the EU?" - Notes by Tomo Križnar

    4. March 2013 - Kill a slave with a slave (Tomo Kriznar for Slovenian newspaper Delo - Sobotna priloga)

    13. March 2013 - Refugees on the way to Yida refugee camp in South Sudan

    10. March 2013 - Nuba: "we will not leave, we rather die where the bones of our anchestors are"

    27. February 2013 - New aerial attack on Buram, 26. Feb 2013 (click for further description with photos)

    Bombardments on civilians became usual event. It is happening day after day. Today again in Buram, a small market town in Nuba Mountains, where we we used to sit in wonderful cool shade under mango tree, drinking coffee or tea and chat.
    Antonov arrived at 9.15 in the morning and bombed the center of the market - straight without circling. It killed three men and wounded another four. Two man died roasted on the spot, and the third one on the way to small clinic. All are civilians.There are no military camps around. The same Antonov bombed today also Kowalib and Degheba. At the moment we do not have report on victims.
    It is happening again and again because most of the world is looking away.
    Thank you for your attention.

    23. February 2013 - Photos from Nuba Mountains

    New short documentary by Tomo Križnar:
    Blue Nile - Sudan (recorded in 2012)

    20. February 2013 - A Plea for Help from the Nuba Mountains!

    20. February 2013 - Urgent statement from the SPLM/N humanitarian wing(SRRA)

    18. February 2013 -
    On Sunday, 17. February at 5:30 pm, Eyes and Ears team heard 13 bombs had been thrown at Hieban region in Nuba Mountains

    There were 3 people killed and 3 injured.

    Names of killed:
  • Samrha Mohamed, 32 years old
  • Chichia Juma, 2 years old
  • Yunan Yassir, 8 year old

  • Names of injured:
  • Salwa Mohmud, 40 years old
  • Kodi Juma, 8 years old
  • Kodi Tariqi, 3 years old

  • 14. February 2013 - After bombardments in Nuba Mountains
    Photos taken by local volunteers of Eyes and Ears of God project

    Children that died in a burning house after bomb attack in Eree

    Old woman injured in bomb attack in Dabi

    4. February 2013 - Blue Nile Humanitarian Coordination Office: Summary of the Humanitarian and Human Rights Situation
    Two Months Update: December 2012 and January 2013

    2. February 2013 - Article by Eric Reeves: Blue Nile Emerging: Horrors Without End and a Familiar International Acquiescence-A brief compendium

    Calendar 2013 by Tomo Kriznar Foundation and humanitarian organisation HOPE
    with footage of african indigenes from besieged war areas in Darfur, Nuba mountains and Blue Nile in Sudan (1979 - 2012)
    "The pen is mightier then the sword!"

    Please support us in our actions.
    Order at:
    Price: 9.00 EUR + shipping cost

    1. February 2013 - In refugee camp Yida in South Sudan, which was made for the refugees from Nuba Mountains, Tomo and Živa were drinking tea, when someone comes by. Tomo jumps up "I know this man, Živa record this!!"
    Later it turns out that Tomo met this man 13 years ago in Nuba Mountains, made a picture of him and put him in this year's callendar.
    Video of the event:

    18. January 2013 - SRRA Special report:
    PDF file: The Humanitarian and Human Rights Situation of the IDPs and War Affected Civilians in the SPLM/A-North Controlled Areas of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States

    DOC file: More than 1 million under attack by Sudanese government - First official report from inside rebel held territory

    (SRRA = The Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency)

    20. November 2012 - Crises in Nuba Mountains is getting worse with every passing day.
    Written report from

    Below you can see video report about hunger situation in the region, which was put together by Eyes And Ears Nuba team.

    30. September 2012 - Video of current situation in South Sudan, where refugees from Sudan (North) are living in Juba Port:

    27. September 2012 - Report about terrible situation of Sudanese refugees in Izrael

    12. September 2012 - Documentary Eyes and Ears of God was accepted to Festival of Slovenian Film and will be presented on 27.9.2012 at 15:30 in Auditorium in Portorož

    11. September 2012 -

    Video clips made on our last mission to Sudan:

    interview with Rudwan Dawood Cis, young sudanese activist, cofounder of griffna movement. We meet him in Juba just before he went to Khartoum to support demonstrations against Sudanese government in Khartoum. He was arrested there just because he attended peaceful protests...but now after 44 days in prison they released him! His work is great inspiration to many young people in Sudan and South Sudan!

    11. August 2012 -

    Sudan testimonies - Križnar's latest visit to endogenous areas:

    9. August 2012 - News on Radio Dabanga: Killings still on the rise at Kassab camp, N Darfur

    2. August 2012 - Over 200 photos from the last visit to Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains, May - July 2012

    1. August 2012 - Tomo Križnar reports: 'Shall we stay or shall we go'

    31. Julij 2012 - To whom it will make sense.

    After two months I have just safely returned from the sacrificial altar in Sudan. Here is my message for you.

  • Nowhere else on Earth in 2012 does the international community sacrifice more than on the sacrificial altar in the Blue Nile, the Nuba Mountains, Abyei and Darfur.
  • Nowhere else are the global powers engaged in such a secret fight for the control of the natural resources on the backs of the cheapest slaves.
  • Nowhere else have the mainstream media and the independent reporters along with UN agencies and non-governmental humanitarian organisations failed to fulfil their mission to such an extent than here.
  • Nowhere else on Earth has the aggressive dictatorship been accused of more crimes against humanity, including genocide, than here.
  • Nowhere else have the exterminated natives preserved more ancient and indigenous culture living in symbiosis with nature than in the areas between the largest desert Sahara and the biggest swamps in the world. Therefore, their wisdom may be useful against all world crises.

  • Because due to the rainy season all land connections have become impassable and because it is too late to use the trucks from South Sudan, food and medical supplies must be airdropped immediately.
  • UN agencies and non-governmental organisations have to immediately reach an agreement for the airdrops with Omar Hassan al-Bashir.
  • The means are available, logistics is in place, but the most critical is time. Do not wait for the European and American vacations to end.
  • Two million indigenous people are trapped in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile, and most of those who will die will die from starvation and dysentery (now they are eating trees and grass) even before the first ripening of plants towards the end of August.
  • During the Olympic Games the media and the pressure from the public will be the most effective.

  • If “dropping food and medicines from the air will really be too expensive”, it is necessary to do everything that in the new game of the superpowers after the end of the rainy season the African families won't be sacrificed completely and forever.

    Tomo Križnar, Naklo, Slovenia

    19. July 2012 - Tomo Križnar reports about latest action in Sudan

    31. May 2012 - 3rd Report from Blue Nile - Tomo Križnar

    28. May 2012 - 2nd Report from Blue Nile - Tomo Križnar

    26. May 2012 - Report from the road - Jamam El Fuj by Tomo Križnar

    17. May 2012 - Article in Washington Post's Opinions:
    To stop the war on South Sudan, the U.S. should send weapons
    by Andrew S. Natsios, George W. Bush’s former envoy to Sudan

    13. May 2012 - Report from presentation of Tomo Križnar's film Eyes and Ears of God in Auschwitz, Poland

    11. May 2012 - Report from humanitarian coordinator Hasim Orta (.PDF file)


    On the brink of a new war between South Sudan and Sudan, please consider:

    Nowhere on the planet is the humanitarian crisis worse than on the border between what is left of old Sudan and the new South Sudan. Nowhere on Earth is the ruling dictatorial regime accused of more crimes against humanity, including genocide – and nowhere have the indigenous people that are being exterminated preserved a more harmonious, more primeval and symbiotically with nature living culture than in the area between the largest sand desert, the Sahara, and the largest swamp regions in the world... read more

    Older posts: December 2011 - May 2012

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    Eyes and Ears of God
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