Today, right now, not tomorrow, we need a new policy for the victims of
climate changes and wars for control over natural resources in Africa,
especially in the Sahel and specifically in Sudan. Recent "democratic
elections" in Sudan resulted in the "re-election" of the military
Islamic fundamentalist hunta of Omar Bashir, who is the subject of an
arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court in The Hague after
his indictment in 2011 on charges of genocide in Darfur. The masses of
refugees from thirst, violence and general lack of opportunity, making
their escape on the highway across the Sahara desert and over the
Mediterranean sea, drowning in the most dramatic ways on our doorstep,
are finally getting the attention of our media. The message of this
mass movement of people is that the foreign policy of the EU must no
longer support the local dictators and ruling elites in Africa who
share enormous profits with our own hucksters and profiteers
of war. We must immediately, today and not tomorrow, start to support
our fellow human beings, the native and indigenous people in those
regions, so they can stay at home and make a living from the results
of their labor, engaging their potentials and capacities, instead of
having to flee, in the struggle for bare survival, to foreign and unkind
environments where they become a burden to us, our guilty consciousness,
stoking our feelings of being endangered and the general sense of looming
instability that threatens our "comfort zone".

We are opposing this catastrophic policy by producing documentary films
(Dar Fur - War for Water, Eyes and Ears of God - Video Surveillance of
Sudan) and training and equipping the natives with digital technology
and satellite connections to the Internet, enabling them to scream for help
themselves. Over the last two years, we have also been using cheap drones
carrying cameras for surveillance and protection, and lobbying for the
establishment of protected areas of rich cultural heritage. Such areas,
a sort of transnational natural parks, will protect a heritage that is
not material but is readily apparent to anyone in the indigenous values
of coexistence and harmony with the natural environments of the sacrificial
altars of the world. Such parks might save and preserve indigenous families
and societies, the way social groups of gorillas and elephants are preserved
in other, safer parts of Africa.

To realize this idea, our civic initiative needs the wide support of all
those citizens of the European Union that still share a basic sensitivity
and good will.

Tomo Križnar, 12. JUNE 2015

Fighter for Water, Zaghawa tribe, Darfur, Sudan
Fighter for Water, Zaghawa tribe, Darfur, Sudan
Indigenious freedom fighter, Katchipo tribe, Republic of South Sudan
Indigenious freedom fighter, Katchipo tribe, Republic of South Sudan
Suleiman Jamous, Klemen Mihelic and Tomo Kriznar with cameras in Darfur, Sudan
Suleiman Jamous, Klemen Mihelic and Tomo Kriznar with cameras in Darfur, Sudan

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We beliewe we can help indigenious people facing genocide in Sudan with drones.We are filming with flaying cameras in the field for the last two years - now we need your help to pay postproduction (film directing and editing). Please react. Please donate for the film "Drones over Nuba"

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